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Aura Imaging - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  1. How does it work?
    This is classified as a biofeedback apparatus. Our technologies produce an electronic interpretation of what we believe the Aura would looks like. It does not photograph the actual Aura. There's nothing that exists which can do this. The camera actually moves through two processes. It takes about eight to ten seconds to take an aura portrait. In the first two seconds the Polaroid camera snaps the portrait. In the remaining six to eight seconds, the biofeedback apparatus measures the electral potential along the meridian points of the palm of the hand, then converts that information into an electrical frequency and displays this as colors and pattern which are shown directly over the portrait to represent the Aura. The aura photos are brighter than the aura seen by psychics, because we amplify the signal.

  2. Is it accurate?
    We have corroborated with many psychics during the evolution of our products. We have developed the camera so that the colors produced by our products match the same colors seen by aura-reading psychics. Usually the colors that psychics see are less vivid; they may see more pastel-like colors. We, however, have amplified the colors a bit so we have more defined differentiation between the various frequencies of biofeedback inputs.

  3. Can I use it for diagnosis?
    No. Our Aura Imaging technology is classified as a non-medical device. It is designed to be used for diagnosing the level of spiritual energy. It is particularly useful for documentation, as well as taking 'before' and 'after' photos to show the spiritual energy differences as a result of certain spiritual energy balancing practices or product use, meditation, and so forth.

  4. Can it reveal sickness?
    Our technology is not designed to reveal physical or mental sickness. Our camera is to be used for viewing the spiritual aura state only.

  5. Who decided what the colors mean?
    Guy Coggins, the inventor of biofeedback Aura Imaging, based his color interpretations on different electrical measurements. Each color has its corresponding electrical frequency which can be measured. Coggins also was inspired by the extensive research and writing by Dr. Max Luscher who has done the most scientific studies on color preference and personality. He was most famous for his best selling book The Luscher Color Test, and was a contepomtary of Sigmund Freud and was very popular during the late 1960's.

  6. Does the equipment photograph the actual Aura?
    The cameras produces an electronic interpretation of what we believe the actual Aura would look like. Nothing exists in the world that can photograph the actual Aura. All Aura Imaging cameras on the market today work on the same basic biofeedback principles developed by Guy Coggins. They all give an electronic interpretation of the Aura.

  7. Is this the same as Kirlian photography?
    No. Kirlian photography is a much simpler print process which actually sends a charge to the plate. One may actually feel a gentle current of electricity. Our cameras are similar to Kirlian photography in that they're both classified as electrophotography. The major differences though is that our equipment sends no charge to subject being photographed. Our units are biofeedback devices, which measure your personal qualities through contact.

  8. What do people use it for?
    Aura Cameras can be used for sorts of things! Please visit our 'Fields of Use' page for a few suggestions.

  9. What kind of film do I use?
    We personally usese Fuji FP-100C film, but Polaroid 108 and Polaroid 669 film also works. Please be sure you know all the basic things about using film, such as expiration dates, that you should store film in a cool, dry place, etc.

  10. Is it easy to use?
    Yes, the AuraCam 6000 is very easy to use. All you need to do is simply set it on a tripod and push the button for 6-10 seconds until you hear a beep; the beep will tell you that the picture is done.

  11. Is it sturdy?
    Absolutely! Customers regularly knock the cameras over, and yet the cameras continued to work. If it so happens that the pictures turn out black any time after a camera is knocked over, it's only just means the AA batteries in the Polaroid camera have become dislodged. We also warranty the camera, just in case something terrible does happen to the camera (aside from loss or theft).

  12. How much does it weigh?
    The camera itself weighs about five pounds (or two kilograms). In its carrying case, it weighs about 18 pounds (or eight kilograms), so it's very light and portable.

  13. Is this the only Aura Imaging equipment on the market?
    It's not the only Aura Camera on the market, but our competitors all have worked with Guy Coggins at some points in the past. Our Aura Camera has been in development since the 1970's, so not only did Guy Coggins invent the first Aura Camera, he has influenced the creation of all others since.

  14. How many Aura Cameras are in the US?
    There are about 250 Camera owners.

  15. Are there restrictions on usage?
    No. There are no restrictions in the US. There are no domestic exclusive rights on territories.

  16. Can I distribute the camera?
    Progen/Aura Imaging is the sole distributor in the US, but you can refer customers to us.

  17. Can I get a discount
    There is no discount avaliable on the single, first purchase of an AuraCam 6000 or WinAura system. However, if you buy a second Aura Camera 6000 you may be eligible to receive an automatic $2,000 discount. If you decide to purchase several AuraCam 6000 or WinAura systems at the same time time, we will consider a discount. Please discuss this with an Aura Imaging representative when the situation presents itself.

  18. Do you sell used cameras?
    No, we only sell new cameras.

  19. How do I interpret the photos?
    You don't have to be psychic at all to interpret photos! Just stop by our Reading Auras page to learn more about the in's and out's of aura interpretation.

  20. What do I charge?
    Camera owners have charging an average of ten to twenty dollars per Aura photo, 2 page report and short personal reading. The longer computer reports sell at an average of $20-$25 with a short personal interpretation. There is more information about how to price your photos on the Aura Equipment Profitability page.

  21. Why do I have to buy warranty modules?
    Please visit the Warranty Module Program page for more information.

  22. Can I buy an Aura Camera without modules?
    No, the Warrenty Module is part of what makes the AuraCam 6000 work.

  23. What if I don't like the camera once I get it, is there a return policy?
    We have sold about 1,000 cameras and not one person has returned there camera. However, if you decide to, you may return the Aura Camera within 3 days of receiving it. We guarantee any damage or malfunction. You just need to send it back for repair or replacement if it has been badly damaged during shipping. We are responsible for loss or damage during the shipping process. After the camera has been signed for upon reception, the owner is then responsible for loss or theft. We do not warranty loss or theft of the equipment once is has been documented by the shipping company with a signature of reception. Our sales contract explains this.

  24. Do you have a buy back policy?

  25. Is there sales tax?
    There is 8. 25% sales tax charged only if the unit is bought in the state of California. Otherwise there is no sales tax in or outside the US. Only International customers will pay some sort of customs fee. Every country is different, so be sure to consult with your country's authorities on this information. An Aura Imaging representative can also help.

  26. Will it electrocute me? Is it safe?
    Yes, it's perfectly safe. The equipment simply measures your spiritual energy field.

  27. Is this technology patented?
    Yes. Guy Coggins holds the patent on biofeedback, electromagnetic field, and Interactive Video Aura Imaging.

  28. Can it be used for medical diagnosis?
    No. Our devices are used to demonstrate the Aura as a metaphor for the spiritual energy field.

  29. Has there been scientific research supporting this technology, and the existence of Auras?
    While RolfingÆ (a type of deep tissue massage) studies were being conducted, Biofeedback technology was used to correlate what different psychics were seeing in a subject's Aura while they were bring Rolfed.

  30. What books should I read?
    If you're interested in learning more about auras from different authors, please visit our Recommended Reading page. The most important authors and figures to be familiar with are Barbara Brennan, Rosalyn Bruyere, Dr. Valerie Hunt, Nikola Tesla, Samuel Kirlian, Barbara Bowers and Pamela Oslie, as well as the book, Aura Awareness.

  31. How can I be successful using this equipment at fairs?
    There are plenty of things to do to drive customers to your booth. You can tape the photos on peoples' shirts, do short, simple readings, talk to a member of the audience, draw a crowd, create a colorful booth, decorate with flashing Christmas tree lights, pass out flyers, put your contact info on the print outs, stand up (don't sit down), reach out to people, entertain them, don't wait for them to come to you, do mini lectures with a kareoke machine, make it fun, be positive, and just help people have a good time!

  32. How many pictures can I expect to take at an event? At a bookstore?
    If you actively attract people to your booth, you should be able to take an average of 75-150 photos at a smaller event. At a larger event, especially if it's well advertised, you may take hundreds of photos a day. If you are a book store owner you can expect to take an average of 10-20 photos a day. This is an average based on little or no effort put into advertising or attracting customers. If you put enlarged Aura photos in your window, put an ad in your monthly newsletter or flyer and do other advertising you should average many more photos per day. If you are visiting a bookstore be sure your event is mentioned in their newsletter and advertised in their window. This way you are sure to attract many more customers.

  33. Are there already Aura Cameras in all the fairs?
    In most of the major psychic/holistic/new age fairs there are already Aura Cameras. There are many smaller fairs that don't have people to run Aura Camera booths. The smaller fairs are really the most profitable because there's much less expense, especially if the event is near where you live. You can also start your own mini fair circuit in your area. An Aura Imaging representative can tell you how to do this. The small fairs, bookstore appearances, evening work shops and home parties are the most profitable activities. You can now do main stream fairs like home shows, gift shows, art fairs, just about any place there's lots of walk by traffic.

  34. Do you have a list of places I can take the camera?
    Yes. Please contact us for more information.

  35. How much money will I make? What about taxes?
    Please visit the Aura Equipment Profitability page for more information. Be sure to also check with your state board of equalization about your states sales tax requirements. Many fairs and events require you have an identification number from your state board of equalization.

  36. Do I need a computer to run the Aura Camera?
    No, you can use the camera with just the printer attached. The software for the 2 page report is built into the left hand plate. You only need a computer if you want to run the expanded print out or the Interactive and WinAura programs. There is also a way to use the camera alone, without a printer attached as well

  37. What kind of printer do I use?
    Check out our Tested Computer Printers page for more information.

  38. Is there basic maintenance I can do?
    • Clean the rollers regularly. Just wipe them off or detach them in water overnight. Do not use cleansers or solvents, use water only.
    • Don't lose the head off your tripod. If you do you will have to buy another tripod.
    • If the pictures turn out black you need to replace the AA batteries. Be sure you put them in the right direction.
    • If the hand plate silver tarnishes use a polishing cloth to shine the silver. Don't use gloppy cleansers which may clog up or ruin the sensors.
    • Keep the system out of intense heat or sunlight. Don't leave it in a hot trunk which can turn into an oven. Keep it out of the rain.
    • If you are using it outside put it inside of a sturdy tent. Use our sun filters available on request.
    • Secure your tripod with tape, an extra table, tape down wires.
    • Be careful your customers watch their step so they don't knock it down.
    • Be sure your film has not expired. Don't let your film get hot or it will be ruined.

  39. Does it have a warranty?
    As long as you buy Warranty Modules from us at an average of one per year, you camera is warranted for any damage or malfunction. We do not cover loss or theft, however.

  40. Can you photograph pets?
    Yes, if the person can hold the animal in their lap, that's the easiest way to do it. It's actually more of a pet/owner portrait, but it's very popular and easy to do.

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