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Aura Products Profitability

Even if the price of an Aura Video Camera appears to be expensive, you will discover many possibilities for its use. This will make your money gain. The invested money into your aura equipment will come back easily. Let us look at the numbers:

Profitability for aura photos
This is supposed to be a help for your calculation and for your decision for a PROGEN Aura Video Photo Camera. The prices given below are netto prices and are from July 2008:


Euro 1,50

Warranty module fee

Euro 1,10


Euro 2,60

Netto Profit for 35.00 Euro per photo

Euro 32,40

After you have shot 200 photos, the investment costs of the camera will be returned! Further business activities which result out of aura photography are even not included! Average sale numbers for aura photos depend on your kind of business and your clients. It can be estimated about 20-50 photos a month. If your business runs well your camera will bring back the money for the camera in the first four months - we have customers who were earning more than they invested after 2 months!

Profitability for Aura Video
The investment costs are even lower than for aura photos because you have no costs for film. But you have costs for ink and paper. Dependent on the kind of the consultation you offer and the material you want to sell to your customer (for example video CD): You can ask a price between at least 20,00 Euro to 40,00 Euro. In a consultation in about a quarter of an hour you use between two to five points on the dongle. Even if you use many points your amount of netto income is still at 22.50 Euro per client if you only ask for 25.00 Euro per aura video.

Covering your costs

The Aura Video Photo Camera can be used in several institutions and situations. It is independent whether it is a healing center, a therapist office or a fair. Even if you just do 20 sales with aura photos or aura video per month you will be on the winning side and the money for your investment costs will return soon.


You are on a Newage meeting. Up to one fourth of all visitors want a photo. You as an owner of an AURA Video Photo Camera are able to pull the focus of interest onto yourself and your products and other services you offer. A personal relationship can be established between you and your customers easily. You might even be able to establish a firm relationship between you as a therapist healer or parapsychological person and your customers.

Book Shops and Meeting points

Especially in Newage book shops and centers you will find a great potential of open-minded clients for your business. There are many contact and sale possibilities for the book dealer as well as for the aura photographer.

Use for the therapist

You can use aura photo and aura video for viewing the effect of your work. You can test in advance which effect will take place if you apply your working method. You can test remedies securely and efficiently. You can see the effect of healing before and after the treatment. The success of the treatment can be estimated.

The sale numbers can not be guaranteed by manufacturer or dealer. These sale numbers are a realistic guideline for your calculation if you have an average business.

We estimate that you produce 10 photos per day. You do not work with the camera on all days of the week. We take a netto income of 21.70 Euro per photo which is the minimum income you can expect. If you work with the camera the netto income is even higher by 50 %. We take the worst case.

You can easily see in the following table: If you even work only three days per week and take only 10 photos a day, the costs of the camera will return in about 3 months!



Netto Income

Netto Income

Netto Income

Per Day

Of Days

Per Week

Per Month

Per Year



Euro 217

Euro 940

Euro 11,284



Euro 434

Euro 1,881

Euro 22,568



Euro 651

Euro 2,821

Euro 33,852



Euro 868

Euro 3,761

Euro 45,136



Euro 1,085

Euro 4,702

Euro 56,420



Euro 1,302

Euro 5,642

Euro 67,704



Euro 1,519

Euro 6,582

Euro 78,988

1998-2008 Progen Aura Imaging