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Aura Kamera 6000 / AuraCam 6000 / Coggins Camera

What is the AuraCam 6000?
The Aura Camera consists of two handsensors which are connected through cables with the camera. Polaroid instant film is put into the camera. The camera is adjusted and aligned to the customer. The customer puts his left and right hand onto handsensors. The AURA CAMERA 6000 / Coggins Camera measures standardized biofeedback parameter through dual sensors. The measured points of resonance are connected with certain organs and the electromagnetic field and they deliver information about the energetic and Aura qualities of the person. By a patented operation these parameters are projected as a radiant, coloured aura field around the body on a poloroid film or onto the computer screen. Within one minute you can present a brilliant color photo or color printout to your customer.

The dual sensors of the aura camera 6000 guarantee a maximum of measurement precision and a high resolution. The ultra minimum basis design allows easy handling, long lasting stability and easy transport of the unit.

The AURA CAMERA 6000 includes a compensatory program as an additional function. Deviations in temperature, humidity and static electricity are balanced in the environment. This guarantees more precision and stability in the biofeedback measurement in your AURA IMAGING analysis.

Additional Features
Several interactive computer programs belong to the camera which can run on Windows PCs. This makes it possible for you to see the aura in real time on a computer monitor in connection with the camera. You can make color and text printouts with interpretations of the aura colors. Some interactive computer programs can be installed with the AuraCam 6000. These are all versions of Winaura and the Winaura6000 program. Hereby you can make the aura visible in real-time on the computer screen and you can have a printout for the color photo of the camera and up to 20 pages of text with the program Winaura 6000. Information about additional equipment for the auracamera 6000 (click).

Fields of use
Fields of use are anywhere: Therapy and health centers, healing sessions, aura and biofeedback studios, Meditation centers, seminar houses, bookstores, Gem and Aurasoma stores, Fairs... Click here to learn about more places where you could use an AuraCam 6000..

Instant Polaroid Film
Fuji manufactures instant film with the name Fuji FP-100C for the camera. Meanwhile we are working on solutions to use digital photo printers instead of usual instant film. If you are interested in inexpensive offers for instant film please feel free to contact us.

Royalty fee
Further developments of hard- and software (upgrades) and service (repairs) of the AURA CAMERA 6000 will be covered by a so called cartridge system of warranty modules. The warranty module will be inserted into the computer part at the left handplate of the camera. With each photo the warranty module will be decreased by one unit. After the warranty module is finished a new warranty module must be purchased to continue making photos. A new camera includes one 500 warranty module. Software upgrades will be freely distributed to customers who buy a new cartridge. If there is a repair of the camera it is free of charge to the benefit of the customer. The warranty module fee is an investment into future AURA IMAGING UPGRADES and new developments!

The AuraCam 6000 Package Consists Of:
1. The AuraCam 6000, with built-in computer hardware and software
2. The software Aura Analyzer, which prints out and analysis of the aura photo.
3. Two hand sensors (biofeedback measuring device)
4. One 500 unit functional warranty module which counts and prints film usage
5. Portable carrying case
6. A training video, introduction book and manual
7. Black sheets for foreground and background
8. Full technical and marketing support.
Added bonus: If you buy the camera and hint to this offer here on the website you additionally get the computer programs Winaura and Winaura 6000 and the appropriate dongle key for the aura camera. (Value: around 3000,00 Euro extra)

Power: 1A - 115 VAC / 0.6A - 230 VAC
Voltage: 85 - 264 VAC
Frequency: 47 - 440 Hz.
Camera Measurements: 250mm x 230mm x 140mm (Height x Breadth x Width)
Hand Sensor Measurements: 180mm x 150mm x 60mm (Height x Breadth x Width)
Camera Weight: 3kg
Hand Sensor Weight: 1kg
Exposition time: 6 seconds
Time of Development per Photo: 60 - 90 sec
Film: Fuji FP-100 C, Polaroid Polacolor 100C
ROM: exchangeable and expandable
Processor: Mask- Micro- Chip
Other Notes: Printout in black-and-white or color via parallel port to any computer printer. Camera is protected against static electricity.

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