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What Users say about the aura camera

John C. Andersen, Kopenhagen, Dänemark (Psychic Psychotheraphist):
"I work for years as psychotherapist with Aura Imaging. The client gets a better understanding by the aura photos of his personal development and for the tensions from his childhood. The aura photo shows quite clearly the patterns of behaviour which we continue as adults. After many years in my practice as psychotherapist I am convinced that aura imaging is an excellent and important help for the future. There will be a a revolution in therapy when psychologists and therapists realize the importance of the aura energy field. Then there will be a supporting and helping therapy which improves physical as well as psychological and mental development. The colors of the aura photos are fitting to my experience as a clairvoyant aura reader. "

Rositta Virag, Mondsee, Österreich, (Aura seminars):
"For many years I work intensively with Aura Imaging. I was able to make a lot of experiences with the camera. Each customer has recognized that the Aura Imaging analysis displays his temporary state and reflects his talents.
I often have discovered states in my own photos which I did not want to admit. I had to conclude that the Aura Camera is more honest than I can ever be. For me personally AURA IMAGING has helped me in my process of consciousness.
My own photos gave me information which I could use in my practical life. They showed to me: "Now you try to show you yourself differently than you are." or "You have irritated yourself more than you believe. Try to calm yourself down." etc.
Here are a lot of examples how the work with the Aura Camera helped me to get along with myself more consciously and more honestly.
But I got to know to many fields of use. Many companies test their products with it. They realized the effects of their products on people. These changes can be documented well with the Aura Camera. We did research with therapeutic and other tools, with bioenergetic remedies, with food, "Essenzes" etc. We found out which influences they had on the aura field. It is marvellous. I say marvellous because it seems to be a wonder to many people when they first see their aura on a photo. Until then only that what could be touched and what can be seen was "true". Now there is an visible aspect of truth what could only be felt before. This brings a lot of insights. New understanding is possible on a new plane of comprehending. This is mostly the first step to healing oneself. Now the client can be enabled to recognize his state and he can take over responsibility for himself."

Michael Neufert, CH- Horgen, Zürich, (Psychotheraphist, Work with chakras and energy work) and Maya Neufert-Erat, (wholistic coach for life and health):
"Aura Imaging puts our work to a scientific level. It enables exact processing and control of success. Emotional problems and illnesses are shown in disharmonious colors and forms in the aura photo. The aura therapist will always interpret the single signs according to the complete picture. But the therapeutic possibilities are as important as the diagnostic possibilities. Aura Imaging gives a visible insight into oneself. You can work on yourself and you can be responsible for your own life.
For example: We have an aura which is in excess of blue. The person with this aura can have deep emotions and loves the truth. The person has high ideals and can calm down others. But the dynamic motivation is missing - there is no conception how to realize these things. This person could need the warm red and yellow colors as additive colors. Color therapy can cause wonders. You could also use Bach Flower remedies or subtle "essenzes" to bring this person more to reality. So you improve the side which is more orientated at reality. After the treatment the comparision photo shows a harmonization of the energy picture."


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