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Aura Color interpretation

The following descriptions of the aura colours gives you a general insight into interpretation of auras. Please be aware of the fact that not only the colours play an important role but also the shapes and combinations of auras. The right side od the body shows the male active energy while the left side of the body indicates the female passive energy. The meaning of the different segments are explained in the segment section.

Red: Red is the colour of energy and outer activity. It has to do with the spontaneous, real expression of power and life. Also there is a strong contact to earth which is a benefit for the material motives of life. Theme is to stand with both feet firmly on the ground. But there is also the theme of passion and sexuality. The own energy can be used to realize your will. People with a red aura have a fast reaction.
Negative: You could tend to lead a life on the fast lane. Too much activity can lead to a situation where you do not reflect your impressions anymore and you only see the material side of life. On the psychological level it can lead to egotism, greed, impatience and inner restlessness. Everything is done out of an impulse. You first do and then you start to think about it.

Orange: Orange is a colour of creativity, spontaneous activity, humour and joy. Orange people love the independency and they early try to be individuals and emancipate from social systems. They have deep insights and instinctive wisdom which leads to their higher ideal. Orange people never experience boredom. They often experience strong changes in their life and they are quite open for changes and spontaneous decisions. Feelings which are related to orange are euphoria, deep excitement and being excited and a strong desire for freedom and independency. Sexuality is not for the purpose to get children but comes just from pure joy and lust. Often there is also the effort to establish projects in workshops with other people and to support others.
Negative: The excitement can also lead to contrary side and it can result into irritating, restless excitement without any goal and without inner peace. On the one hand this can be seen as hysteria and on the other hand it can be seen as depression. Another theme could be the inability to decide and change. This might be compensated in a kind of arrogance - they try to dominate other people. In special situations of life there could shock or trauma experiences.

Yellow: Yellow represents acquired and learned knowledge. It shows intellect. Furthermore there is also communication and contact to other people. Information is perceived easily and without any effort. Attention is strong and can be stimulated by many impressions. Yellow is a colour which symbolizes easiness and the joy of life. It means openness and excitement.
Negative: There can be a strong stimulation by impressions and this can lead to superficial life. People have not an aim. They can be irritated. There might be action without any depth and there might be the inability to make decisions. Everything is always being started but not ended. There is no depth. The next impression is distracting the person away from concentration and the person can not stay with one thing or another person.

Green: is the colour of earth, of nature, of growth, of fruit and of accepting oneself. It has to do with balance, harmony and centering. This can be achieved by finding a balance in oneself. Security and connection with the earth can be a support to regenerate the own energy. Healing can occur. Positive: Persistence and constancy and preserving the own goals. This can lead to wealth and money. They prefer own property and land.
Negative: If the element earth is too strong there can be greed and jealousy, envy and egotism. By holding too strong to material values, egotism can appear which hinders you to expand your horizon. No insight for the necessity of self-development.

Blue: Blue is the colour of feelings and emotional sensitivity. You can care carefully for others and listen intuitively. You can focus yourself to another person. You can radiate calmness and peace so that you seem to appear introverted or even a little bit cool. You have a very tender behaviour with animals and people. You might be a good mother or father. You have a longing for emotional security and fidelity. Also honesty and integrity can be important characteristics. You understand to communicate between conflict parties. Blue is the first step for the perception of subtle information.
Negative: The ability to express oneself is blocked and you can be lazy. Furthermore there is a strong need for harmony. You try to avoid conflicts and battles. Also you need to emancipate from your mother or from principles which represent the mother.

Purple: You are very sensitive and sensible person who knows how to perceive the more subtle vibrations of things and people. Spiritual things as meditation or religious practice are important for you. You could be quite calm from at the outside but you reach deep down within your inside. You develop a tender fine ability for subtle perception. Your goal is to reach the oneness. You have a natural modesty. People like you bring heaven to earth. Often there is a therapeutic and a ability for healing.
Negative: You could have difficulties with the material and physical side of life. Then there can also be a tendency to flee from the world. You might daydream. There is a tendency for addictions and unreal fantasies. There can be a tendency to hide oneself.

Magenta: You have a high spiritual frequency. This frequency symbolizes love which is willing to give and share. It can be compared to the energy of Jesus Christ. This energy is a complete expression of love. This is a spirituality with roots in life. With this basic frequency you have very good therapeutic abilities because you are able to bring unconscious things to consciousness for you and for other people.
Negative: It might be difficult for you to find your own sense of life and to pursue it because your power might get irritated by illusions. It might not be easy for you to get the ground for spirituality in your life and realize it. If you do not have enough space and time for yourself you will get out of your rhythm and you cannot digest all the impressions.

White: On the spiritual level this colour indicates quite a high energy level which has to do with light and enlightenment. It symbolizes the Good, the perfection and eternity. White in the aura is always a sign of high energy forms. On the personal level this influence indicates the need of emptiness and width. You need to free yourself from obstacles. You should leave all possibilities open for you. You love openness.
Negative: You have the need for freedom that can lead to escape. You might experience addiction to not bind yourself to anyone anymore. It can also lead to missing courage. You do not want to confront yourself with your own feelings. There might be the attitude that you only use the mind without feelings.

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