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What is interactive aura photography and interactive aura video?

The technique of interactive aura video was developed out of aura photography. Of course it has a strong similiarity with this technique. Biofeedback parameters are measured via the hand and a handplate. This information goes into a computer and the computer is displaying the aura on a screen according to this data.

The difference to aura photography with the Aura Camera 6000 is: If a photo is taken for aura photography the photo paper is exposed for 5 to 6 seconds. All information is displayed on the photo which has been measured in this time. With interactive aura video with the Winaura Video Station, the information is displayed in each second. So you see for each moment what the color of the aura is and how it is changing. If there is emotional instability, there can be many changes in the aura colors. The person is filmed by a video webcam. The person is displayed with his video image in the program along with his aura colors. The colors are a result of the emotional and mental expression of the person.

In general the aura picture is changing at each emotional and mental change of the person. This makes it possible to experience directly energetic resonance. You can use it for therapeutic purposes. You can use it for more insight into your unconsciousness. Click on to the picture below to get an introduction into Winaura (English)

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