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Aura and Therapy

Adam Josef Mazur has worked in the last 15 years with an aura camera for a medical report and has finished a concept for medical interpretation. The advisor from Poland convinced Doctor Mansmann, the author and chief doctor of the NaturaMed clinic in Waldsee for this method. He taught the team of the doctor in his clinic his knowhow what has been filmed by a tv station (ZDF) and had been broadcasted in Oct 2000.

Until the 30th September 2000 the aura analysis had been offered only to interested patients as a special test. The success of this method was so convincing that this method has become a standard routine examination from the 1st of Oct. 2000 on.

The Light Color Analysis of the aura was divided into separate parts as detailed below:

1. General impression
2. The female, accepting and carrying part
3. The emotional stability towards outer influences
4. The male part, acting and radiating outwards
5. The consciousness for the own qualities
6. The attitude towards the past things
7. The current situation of life
8. The will and the level of future development
9. The inner upright heart
10. The communication with the world outside
11. The communication with the inner world
12. The achieved mental potential
13. Recommendation for further development
14. Special hints

Light has an unlimited possibility of recording. So it is obvious that the aura photo diagnosis helps the patient to comprehend the holistic connections between his illness and his personal way of development.

By the remedy treatment of the doctor the patient is supported. This leads to an abbreviation of the healing process.

If you are interested in products of aura photography you will find further information here.

If you are interested in your development processes: Mr. Mazur offers seminars in some European countries for expanding your consciousness by the aura photo analysis.
More infos can be found on his webpage

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